Kidney failure (on dialysis)

The foods you eat will change when you start dialysis.

Your protein needs increase and your fluid needs decrease. You also need to eat foods that are low-potassium and low-phosphorus.

Following these new eating recommendations can be overwhelming. More protein but less potassium and phosphorus? How can that be done?

Start by checking out the list below, and the many helpful, printable food lists for potassium and phosphorus. Your renal dietitian is also a great resource. Your monthly nutrition labs from your dialysis center provide information that will guide you to the right food choices. Talk to your dietitian when you have questions about the foods you eat.

The following list is general advice for eating healthy on dialysis. But what your body needs can be different from someone else. Even from month to month your requirements may change. For example, one month your protein may be low and the next month your potassium or phosphorus may be high.

Eat right for your stage of kidney disease.