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Kidney-Friendly Eating at Every Stage


Learn about eating for kidney health

Healthy eating can be difficult and confusing. There are so many different diets and each one claims to lead you on your path to better health, and possibly weight loss. Should you eat low carb? High protein? High fat?

Navigating what is healthy can seem like a full-time job! And what is healthy for one person could be the opposite of what is healthy for another, especially with kidney disease.

Download our lists and guides

Download our guides to help with cooking, a complete list of items you will need. Learn the amount of potassium in many common foods and know which foods are considered low, medium and high sources of phosphorus. Get protein levels for different stages of kidney disease, since the recommended amount varies greatly.

Guides & Lists

These tips will help you eat healthy and limit added phosphorus, potassium and salt

Guides & Lists

Download the Protein Food Guide guide to learn the amount of protein in many common foods.

Guides & Lists

Download the Phosphorus Food Guide to learn the amount of phosphorus in many common foods.


Use our Kidney Kitchen videos to take a deeper dive into what it means to eat well for your kidneys. Explore helpful cooking demos from award-winning chefs, dietitians and authors. Then hop over to our quick tip videos to learn simple ways to incorporate healthy eating into your daily life. Go even further by watching our educational webinars sharing practical knowledge and advice on a wide range of food and healthy living topics.


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