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Blake Shusterman MD

Dr. Blake Shusterman is a Greenville, South Carolina-based nephrologist and cooking enthusiast with a passion for helping his patients enjoy healthy, kidney-friendly foods. Dr. Blake, as he is known, is also the creator of The Cooking Doc®, a popular online cooking show and educational site dedicated to helping people manage their kidney disease through delicious meals.

Dr. Blake is an expert in healthy eating to help treat obesity, diabetes and all stages of kidney disease. He is currently the president and physician partner at a large nephrology practice in Greenville. Dr. Blake received his medical degree from The Ohio State University and completed his internal medicine residency and nephrology fellowship at the University of Virginia. As a board-certified nephrologist, he also serves as medical director at multiple dialysis centers and is a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.

The American Kidney Fund (AKF) is proud to have Dr. Blake as a Kidney Kitchen® partner. In addition to featuring Dr. Blake's videos and recipes on Kidney Kitchen, he also participates in several AKF events, including Facebook Lives and Q&A discussions about the kidney-friendly eating. Dr. Blake is also the author of The Cooking Doc's Kidney-Healthy Cooking cookbook, a simple 10-step guide to kidney wellness. Included in the book are more than 50 low-sodium recipes specifically designed for people with kidney disease, with recipe modifications tailored to each stage of kidney disease.

Dr. Blake's book offers fresh takes on classics, like Vegan Bolognese and Macaroni & Cheese, as well as modern and diverse fare, like Thai Shrimp Salad and Chicken Farro bowls. His book also covers the best food and drinks for your kidneys, plant-based eating, key nutrients important to people with kidney disease, DASH and Mediterranean eating plans, diabetes and starting dialysis.

AKF and Dr. Blake are pleased to offer a 25% discount on purchases of the digital version of Dr. Blake's book with coupon code AKFDEAL.

Dr. Blake and his family are foodies who plan their days, nights and vacations around the foods they want to eat. His goal is to:

"Inspire new generations of doctors that know how to provide recipes, cooking lessons and practical advice to their patients."

Favorite Kidney Kitchen recipe: Bulgur Vegetable Salad



Favorite kidney-friendly cooking tip:
Avoid high-sodium and high-phosphorus prepared deli meats by making your own! Add your favorite no-sodium seasoning to boneless, skinless chicken breasts, allow the spices to infuse into the chicken for a few hours in the fridge and then bake them at 400°F until the internal temperature is 165°F.