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Linda Blaylock

Linda stepped away from her plans to open a health center after her husband was diagnosed with kidney disease, and instead went to culinary school to learn to make great tasting, kidney-friendly foods.

Linda’s dedication to cooking, meal planning and grocery shopping for people with kidney disease led her to graduate with honors from the Auguste Escoffier Culinary School of Arts. She uses her expertise to create and adapt healthy, enjoyable, kidney-friendly meals for Kidney Kitchen. She teaches healthy meal preparation classes in Minnesota, is an AKF Kidney Health Coach and Ambassador, and spoke about kidney-friendly cooking in an AKF webinar.

Linda loves putting new twists on historical recipes. She also used to be a professional paranormal investigator and once appeared on an episode of My Ghost Story.

Favorite kidney-friendly cooking tip:

Add thinly sliced bananas to a dessert to get the flavor without putting your potassium levels over the top.

Favorite Kidney Kitchen recipe:

Chai Spice Apples in Custard