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Carolyn Feibig MS, RD, LD

Carolyn found her calling for kidney nutrition when her nephew was born with only one kidney. She has been a dietitian in the Washington, D.C. area since 2011 and is currently the kidney transplant dietitian at the George Washington University Hospital.

Carolyn seeks out opportunities in her career to educate people about the importance of early detection of kidney disease and healthy, kidney-friendly eating. She is on a diet compliance research grant for dialysis patients through AKF, and she also works with and volunteers for other kidney-related organizations. She has hosted two AKF webinars on kidney-friendly eating, which are viewable here and here.

In her spare time, you can find Carolyn walking all over D.C., taking pictures and searching for new and delicious restaurants and farmers markets.​

Favorite kidney-friendly cooking tip:

Vinegar is a great flavor enhancer and doesn't add extra sodium to your meals. Different kinds of vinegars will have different flavor profiles. Try red and white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

Favorite Kidney Kitchen recipe:

Spinach Falafel Wrap