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Welcome to the American Kidney Fund's Kidney Kitchen Pro™

Welcome to the American Kidney Fund’s Kidney Kitchen Pro™. Kidney Kitchen Pro is a centralized digital resource specifically for dietitians who work with people who have, or are at risk for, kidney disease. On Kidney Kitchen Pro, dietitians can access and share valuable resources, create custom meal plans and build custom toolkits to help people living with kidney disease better manage their health through nutrition.

Use Kidney Kitchen Pro to:

  • Find easy-to-use nutrition tools for kidney patients
  • Build custom folders, toolkits and meal plans
  • Access nutrition-related resources
  • Share information directly with patients through an online portal
  • Stay up-to-date on kidney disease research and nutrition-related news

About Kidney Kitchen Pro™

A digital resource created for dietitians, by dietitians.

The American Kidney Fund (AKF) recognizes that renal diet education and adherence to diet guidelines present one of the most significant challenges for people living with kidney disease. AKF also understands the critical role dietitians serve as a gateway for patients to achieve optimal health outcomes through diet. To support dietitians in their commitment to their patients, AKF created Kidney Kitchen Pro with the strategic guidance of the American Kidney Fund Dietitian Advisory Group, a diverse collaborative of renal dietitians who have extensive experience working with kidney patients in every stage of kidney disease.

AKF built the Kidney Kitchen Pro so busy dietitians have easy access to well-vetted resources, custom toolkits and meal plans that they can use to educate and inform patients.

We hope you find helpful all the downloadable tools we have available and use this resource as you work with patients to manage kidney disease through nutrition.

About the Dietitian Advisory Group

Kidney Kitchen Pro was built through a collaboration with expert renal dietitians to guide the development and execution of content, tools and resources.

Welcome to Kidney Kitchen Pro